Data Storage

Managing enterprise data storage grows more difficult by the day. Organizations are more reliant than ever on their data and the intelligence and insight it produces, and the ability to quickly unlock the value of data capital is key to competitiveness. But rapidly growing data volumes and performance-hungry applications are making it increasingly challenging and more costly to make data available to users and analytics platforms. Organizations that want to get the most from their data resources need powerful yet cost-efficient solutions that can help to simplify data management, reduce latency, enable stronger data protection and make data continuously available.

Computer Arabia acting as Dell’s official partner in Qatar provides the company’s broad range of products, which help our clients solve their data storage needs. We understand businesses and their need to handle ever bigger and more complex data. Be it facing issues with handling rapid growth, delivering fast performance, enabling easy access, determining data residency, ensuring compliance, protecting data assets or a desire to simplify management. From storage platforms that eliminate trade-offs in performance, scalability and storage efficiency to the fastest data storage arrays intended for powering critical workloads, we offer our customers a host of options, suited to their specific needs.