Hybrid Cloud

Choosing between on-premise infrastructure and public cloud might not be the right approach for every company, because there is a third way – opting for a hybrid cloud solution. This means that your organization opts for a mix of computing and storage environments between the above two. The solution enables you to find the right balance between investment costs, data security and flexibility, resulting in your business being more agile. It came about due to the ever-changing requirements of organizations and at Computer Arabia we have outstanding technical experts in the field, who assist our clients from the first steps onwards. They assess their businesses’ needs and suggest the perfect mix between the two environments, resulting in a hybrid cloud solution, which just might be the best option for them.

Both on-premise and public clouds serve their purpose and each comes with their advantages and disadvantages. Public clouds excel at providing scalability, due to their enormous capacity and economies of scale. They also offer a cheaper way of storing data, since you don’t need to invest into your own hardware and are very reliable as services are distributed across multiple data centres. On the other side of the equation however it means that you have less control over your data and that it is less secure.

On-premise infrastructure on the other hand means that you own and house your own computing resources on your premises. The main advantage here is security, since data is only available to your business, which is especially important for companies handling sensitive information. Further plus sides include greater control and customization. There are however also drawbacks to consider, such as higher costs, shouldering responsibility for operating your own data centre and limited flexibility in terms of scaling IT resources up or down.

As many organizations’ needs actually don’t neatly fit into one or the other category, it frequently becomes clear that hybrid cloud is the perfect solution for them. That is exactly what Computer Arabia is here for, to help you navigate and determine your needs and guide you through the process of setting up or rearranging your current set-up.