Cyber Security

The cybersecurity landscape has diversified not only in the type of attack that a hacker uses, but also in the broad choice of solutions that a customer has on offer to protect themselves from the inevitable attack. This complexity results in businesses being lost and confused as to what security solutions work best for their specific circumstances, as they struggle to combat threats against their networked systems and applications, be it from within their organization or from the outside.

At Computer Arabia we understand the dilemmas our clients face when it comes to identifying and implementing suitable counter measures against the attackers.

We are always there for our clients to consult with, as we help them determine the best course of action and provide them with the optimal defence for their environment. With techniques such as micro-segmentation, we can help mitigate threats and in the event of a breach, isolate and contain the attacker. This way their critical systems and sensitive information is protected from continuously expanding and evolving security threats. The cost of a potential attack is simply too high, as businesses need to discover and respond to the breach, resulting in downtime costs as well as reputational loss.