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Information Technology is the engine behind your company and in today’s fast-paced technological progress, the release time of new updates can be often counted in months, not years. These frequent changes can lead to complications in your environment, and even small issues with IT infrastructure can lead to unwanted and potentially serious disruptions in data availability, downtime and security vulnerabilities.

With Computer Arabia you can stay ahead of the curve, as we offer our expertise in assessing our clients’ IT infrastructure, help them identify the existing weaknesses and deficiencies, and enable them to create and maintain smoothly running operations.

This assessment adopts a 360° approach by taking into account all the data, systems and procedures in your IT environment and analysing them. Thus, providing you with a full evaluation of where your business stands and a clear picture of the critical areas in need of improvement.

Our approach:

  • Assess the baseline state of the current IT infrastructure.
  • Prepare accurate cost documents that reveal the current state of the environment and provide recommendations for improvement.
  • Track, explore, and assess your IT delivery models, whether they are outsourced, cloud, on-premises, or whatever current combination exists.
  • Identify roadblocks to changing the current models, such as existing contracts, preferred vendors, or other stakeholder buy-in issues.